On art & technology: today on the ALSC blog

Cultivating Creativity: Technology that encourages learning about art – ALSC Blog

Early literacy findings: quality matters too

“quality interactions involving words — the use of shared symbols (“Look, a dog!”); rituals (“Want a bottle after your bath?”); and “conversational fluency (“Yes, that is a bus!”) — were a far better predictor of language skills at age 3 than any other factor, including the quantity of words a child heard”-

Quality of Words, Not Quantity, Is Crucial to Language Skills, Study Finds

Creating our Future: Reimagining Public Libraries

3 Key library assets: People, place & platform: “The platform is the most valuable asset, Garmer said, describing it as a set of resources and tools the library offers to the community that can be programmed in any way users see fit. It cannot be predetermined by those creating it (the library). She cited makerspaces as a prime example. The library makes materials available and sees how the community uses them; now the library can curate that which is created for use by the rest of the community.”

Reimagining Public Libraries | American Libraries Magazine

Built by Books . . . Kevin Henkes

What happens when a child is “Built by Books”? What a lovely way to be.

Grand and Important: Books for Beginning Readers – The Horn Book – Kevin Henkes, on the importance of good books for beginning readers.