5 Ways Libraries Cultivate Community Art

“rtist” broadly in order to communicate that point: to us, an artist is any person who uses creative tools to make new things. We think creativity – like information –should be accessible to everyone in a community, and that the library is the perfect democratic space to make that happen.“

5 Ways Libraries Cultivate Community Art

Is there an #alaleftbehind virtual meet up happening?



Because it should. Google hangouts? Skype? I figured tomorrow (Saturday) night, to coincide with the tumblarian party in Philly, would be best. Is this already being planned?

Edit: liking this is all fine and dandy, but reblogs spread the word!


Is there an #alaleftbehind virtual meet up happening?

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Hold Fast

“Dashel learned quickly that working in a library meant knowing how to find answers to almost any kind of question; it also meant understanding changes in what people want to read as well as finding a balance between the familiar and the new.” – Hold Fast by Blue Balliett, p.10 (emphasis mine)

I just started and I love this book!

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“a dictionary is a powerful and underestimated kind of book. First of all, it has the shortest stories in the world, and thousands of them: stories with sounds, changing shapes, history, and mystery. Open anywhere and you’ll find layers of meanings. Choices.” – Hold Fast by Blue Balliett, p.10 (emphasis author’s)