A museum is an institution dedicated to creating connections … a meeting point between two arrows of time, the past and the future, and two arrows of complexity, greater and lesser, that originate at the point we call us, and now.

In other words, museums are the fourth dimension.

Joe Hanson offers a beautiful definition of what a museum is. Pair with Stephen Jay Gould, the greatest science writer of all time, on why the sparking of connections is the key to creativity.

Meanwhile, to the brilliant Neil deGrasse Tyson, a museum is a soundbite:

A soundbite is useful because it triggers interest in someone, who then goes and puts in the effort to learn more.  And that’s all a museum can really be.

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Germane to the definition/conception of libraries, too.

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connections, connections … love this definition. And yes, I think this can be done with books and their readers, like art/artifacts/objects and their observers/admirers.