Health benefits of reading!

Reading reduces stress, helps keep the mind active as you age, and helps people sleep better.

Cool research on different types of reading. I think there is a place for both – print and ereaders- and yes, they are different.

Science Has Great News for People Who Read Actual Books

Built by Books . . . Kevin Henkes

What happens when a child is “Built by Books”? What a lovely way to be.

Grand and Important: Books for Beginning Readers – The Horn Book – Kevin Henkes, on the importance of good books for beginning readers.

“Reading is not an option” was his platform as YA literature ambassador, and he once told School Library Journal, “As a young man, I saw families prosper without reading, because there were always sufficient opportunities for willing workers who could follow simple instructions. This is no longer the case. Children who don’t read are, in the main, destined for lesser lives. I feel a deep sense of responsibility to change this.

Reading is not an option

Reading is performance. The reader— the child under the blanket with a flashlight, the woman at the kitchen table, the man at the library desk— performs the work. The performance is silent. The readers hear the sounds of the words and the beat of the sentences only in their inner ear. Silent drummers on noiseless drums. An amazing performance in an amazing theater.

Ursula K. Le Guin

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On the act of reading