Early literacy findings: quality matters too

“quality interactions involving words — the use of shared symbols (“Look, a dog!”); rituals (“Want a bottle after your bath?”); and “conversational fluency (“Yes, that is a bus!”) — were a far better predictor of language skills at age 3 than any other factor, including the quantity of words a child heard”-

Quality of Words, Not Quantity, Is Crucial to Language Skills, Study Finds

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Living a literary life

In order to be really good as a librarian, everything counts toward your work, every play you go see, every concert you hear, every trip you take, everything you read, everything you know. I don’t know of another occupation like that. The more you know, the better you’re going to be.

-Allen Smith

(more about Allen Smith here: http://philobiblos.blogspot.com/2008/08/only-good.html)

10 Ways to Use Poetry

so many good ideas here! Books to look for, online resources & more!

10 Ways to Use Poetry in Your Classroom