Your Brain on Jane

“What’s been taking us by surprise in our early data analysis is how much the whole brain — global activations across a number of different regions — seems to be transforming and shifting between the pleasure and the close reading.”

Phillips found that close reading activated unexpected areas: parts of the brain that are involved in movement and touch. It was as though readers were physically placing themselves within the story as they analyzed it.“


Your Brain on Jane

The Mysterious Miss Austen

“it would have been difficult for her to escape getting an education. George Austen kept a sizable library—one bookcase reportedly covered sixty-four square feet of wall—which his children were encouraged to explore. There were ongoing science experiments and constant engagement with the natural world. Dinner table conversations, which included George’s pupils, ran on philosophy, literature, and science, along with dashes of racing, horses, and neighborhood gossip.”

lovely article on what we know of Austen, of the scraps of her life that are left to us …

The Mysterious Miss Austen