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Art & Max

A few weeks ago I saw David Wiesner’s newest book, Art & Max, on the new book shelf. Several of his books are favorites in our household — like Sector 7, Flotsam, and The Three Pigs. So of course I brought it home. My initial thoughts were – you never pass up a Wiesner, though he really couldn’t have done it again, could he? Well, you’ll have to decide for yourself, but it blew me away. Again. Fresh, original, creative . . . and about art, a favorite subject of mine. But would kids react the same way? Would they get it?

One of my boys had a rough day that day and had trouble getting to sleep that evening. So though it was late and well past his bedtime, I offered  to read him a book. He was a little skeptical, but it worked! He laughed out loud, then wanted to read it again. The next morning he had to share it with his brothers before school. And his father. And they wanted to read it again when they got home. Yes, I think kids will get it. And yes, Wiesner has done it again.