The Future of Libraries: Harvard Students Are Thinking Outside the Box | EdTech Magazine


Electric Campfire

Jenny Hong realized that when library users needed to power up devices like notebooks and tablets, they were confined to outlets scattered throughout the building. She designed the Electric Campfire — a “cubical table arrayed on each side with wireless power outlets,” according to the Harvard Gazette. The intent is to encourage social interaction with other users. The term “library voice” may soon be a thing of the past.

Spatial Googling

When you know what to search, it’s easy to find a book in the library. But Stacy Morton proposed an innovative way to search a library’s archives, or even an entire city. The idea is that a user can save keyword searches and then receive notifications if they pass near an object that has been tagged with relevant terms.

The Future of Libraries: Harvard Students Are Thinking Outside the Box | EdTech Magazine

LibraryLinkNJ: Lending seeds at the library


Seed Libraries from Jeanette Hart-Mann on Vimeo.

Seed libraries are sprouting up across the nation to save and share plant seeds. Each season, a few plants are allowed to grow to maturity so the seeds may be harvested to be returned to the library. Many of these libraries have been established in public libraries, often in partnership with local like-minded organizations.

LibraryLinkNJ: Lending seeds at the library