This is a special request from the Ukrainian writer, Galina Malik

To all concerned children’s book writers of the world.
I, Galina Malik, writer, on who’s works more than one generation of Ukrainian children grew up, whose works are included in the programs of the Ukrainian school, am speaking to their counterparts and colleagues throughout the world to support us in our fight against the bandit regime of Yanukovych and his supporters.
Today in Ukraine the blood of our children was shed, those for whom we Ukrainian writers are writing, and for whom you write, the writers of the world, whose works we translate and promote to our children so that they grow free and conscious of their rights and freedoms!
Our and your readers today are being shot at by “Berkut ”(Riot Police)! Cynicism and confidence in their impunity have no limits!!
I urge all colleagues and caring people to protect the rights, honor and conscience!

Galina Malik, writer

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Hold Fast

“Dashel learned quickly that working in a library meant knowing how to find answers to almost any kind of question; it also meant understanding changes in what people want to read as well as finding a balance between the familiar and the new.” – Hold Fast by Blue Balliett, p.10 (emphasis mine)

I just started and I love this book!

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“a dictionary is a powerful and underestimated kind of book. First of all, it has the shortest stories in the world, and thousands of them: stories with sounds, changing shapes, history, and mystery. Open anywhere and you’ll find layers of meanings. Choices.” – Hold Fast by Blue Balliett, p.10 (emphasis author’s)