Top 10 Cities for Book Lovers | Livability


Here’s a list of the top ten cities for book lovers, according to Having just returned to the United States after living in Frankfurt, Germany for a year and (hopefully) looking to relocate soon, I’m definitely in the market for a strong literary scene. Books are everywhere in Germany in a way that they just aren’t in the United States these days, glued as we as a nation have become to our e-readers. (Germany, it turns out, has e-readers too, although they’re not quite as ubiquitous there yet.) But there was something calming about seeing a bookstore almost everywhere I went, or riding in train cars where literally every single passenger had a book in his or hand. I miss that. 

So awesome! # 7 Pueblo Colorado – it’s the library that is the must see destination, not the bookstore – way to go!

And #3, San Jose, Ca features a children’s bookstore. Awesome.

My personal favorite, and a city I’ve lived in, is #4, Charlottesville, Virginia.

It would be fun to visit all of these cities!

Top 10 Cities for Book Lovers | Livability