Rockin’ the library for Earth Day 2015

All about rocks for Earth Day wonderworks/STEAM storytime @westervillelibrary

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Here was a real mystery. What are the Deathly Hallows? Why had Dumbledore never mentioned them? What did the title even mean?

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Really, I think this was just a matter of how. He had to be defeated. But how was Rowling going to accomplish that feat? How could she do it? Would it be believable? I’m all for happy endings … but would it be convincing? Could she do it? 

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Where indeed? I was just as baffled as Harry, Hermione & Ron in thinking of where. Though I was not quite as quick to dismiss Hogwarts.

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Okay, I think this question was very important to some people, but not so much for me. First off, Harry had to live (and others had to live) in order to end up with someone. The couple I did think would be good together was Neville and Luna. Ah well.

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Way too young.

Depths of despair indeed. Forever YA sums it up pretty well:  You Will Always Be Our Gilbert Blythe

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How could it not open? That would be … inconceivable. Yet, how could Harry possibly attend? How would this dilemma be reconciled??

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I remember being uncertain about this question before the 7th book came out. I wanted so much to believe in Snape. I definitely am influenced by the portrayal by Alan Rickman (I’m a fan!) But after reading the opening chapter, I didn’t hold out hope any longer. Not much.

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Deathly Hallows Bookmarks: Anticipating Book 7

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Do you remember these? Scholastic issued a series of 7 bookmarks leading up to the release of the last Harry Potter book in 2007. Here’s #1. The verso (first pic) is the same on all 7. I’m rereading Harry Potter … Continue reading

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Under the Kapok Tree

Or, what happens after a children’s librarian visits the rainforest?

robinI first explored a trees theme in Wonderworks in the Spring of 2013:

Yesterday we revisited the theme with a different twist. On a trip to Costa Rica the previous week, I saw a kapok (ceiba) tree. Of course I’m familiar with Lynne Cherry’s The Great Kapok Tree(Harcourt Brace…

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