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What do you know about Lithuania? I certainly didn’t know much before reading Ruta Sepetys’ books. I knew it was one of the Baltic states, taken over by the Soviet Union in the early years of World War II and kept … Continue reading

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The Children of Crow Cove

I’ve recently read Danish author Bodil Bredsdorff’s series, the Children of Crow Cove, which begins with The Crow-Girl (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2004), translated by Faith Ingwersen. Eidi was translated by Kathryn Mahaffyin 2009, and Tink was translated by Elisabeth … Continue reading

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Thinking about revolution

China’s Cultural Revolution is a period of history I know little about.  Probably because it was happening in my childhood and in school we didn’t get much past World War II. In college I majored in International Studies, and concentrated … Continue reading

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Moon over Manifest

This book really drew me into the narrative. Abilene is an appealing young heroine, who is a bit terrifyingly (to me) on her own at age 12. Just for the summer (so she is told) Abilene has been sent to … Continue reading

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