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The Great Season of Fall

By Daniel Gibson

Daniel writes about fall

Fall is a wonderful season in many ways. One of the first things I think of that I like about fall is Halloween. Halloween is great because [we] have a huge Halloween party and then go trick-or-treating. Another great thing about fall is seeing all the great colors of the leaves and then playing in the leaves when they fall. I also like Thanksgiving and my birthday in fall. Thanksgiving is so much fun because we go to our grandmother’s house and have a feast. There are lots of great things about fall and these are just a few.

October 2008


I’ve been trying to organize things lately and I found this wonderful fall haiku that Daniel did in second grade (2006– the moose classroom). He had a wonderful teacher, and he explained the process so well. First they learned about haiku and the certain number of syllables and then tried to write one. A few days later, after more reading and experience, they tried again. This time though the teacher had them think about the image they wanted to convey first, write those down, then try to form their words into the pattern. I wish I could remember exactly what Daniel said, but it was something about how this way worked so much better. Here is the result, and I have to say I agree with him.

Daniel's fall haiku

Feel of crunching leaves

golden, red, and orange gleam.

Softly the leaves fall.