Living in a book . . .

So when I attended ALA Annual last year in Chicago, I had recently finished reading Divergent. I was looking forward to hearing Veronica Roth speak, and futuristic dystopian Chicago kept appearing in my mind as I explored the city. It began on my way in, riding the El from Midway airport. I looked out the window, envisioning what jumping on and off trains must be like. Every time the doors opened and closed. When I saw a modern, glass walled skyscraper, something in my head whispered, “Erudite.” And Navy Pier … well, let’s just say I saw the ferris wheel in a whole different way.

This summer I’m not in Vegas. Friends are, and it has been fun to see their pictures and tweets. One from the Venezia Tower at the Venetian Hotel. How odd (or serendipitous) is it that I’m currently reading Prodigy, the second in Marie Lu’s Legend series … . part of which is set in futuristic, dystopian Las Vegas???

This is what is it is to see the world through a literary lens.

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