Just One Night



This novella is such a delight. Fans of Willem & Allyson will sure love this book and it is also the perfect closure to a whirlwind journey of both characters that took a year to begin again.

I screamed when Gayle Forman announced that there is a novella coming out as a conclusion to Just One Day story. If you have read the book then you know that the ending in book 2 is a bit hanging. Like there’s something left behind that needs to be told. And lo and behold, the next chapter fans of this duet are waiting for has finally arrived.

Started where it left off in book 2, we finally got to know what happened when Allyson appeared in Willem’s door. It was the perfect scene I was imagining after I read book 2. They deserve their HEA and after a year of searching and longing and questions if all that they experienced together is real, they finally got the answers they are looking for and so much more.

I so much appreciate Gayle Forman for writing this novella and I wish there will also be one for If I Stay duet. Her writing is amazing and the way she tells a story will capture your hearts and mind in a snap. That’s how good she is. 

This is highly recommended for the fans of Just One Day & Just One Year. You will not be disappointed.


thoroughly enjoyable.

I kept telling myself I didn’t really need to know what happened after Willem opened the door. They were together. Wasn’t that enough?

Sort of. Yes.

But this was so much fun for a hopeless romantic.

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