Regency dancing

Miss Mickie (aka HistoryHobbit) and I took a turn around the library before attending the English country dance program on Sunday.

Can I just say this was one of the most fun events we’ve ever had at the library?????

The dancers explained the dances (quadrilles, cotillions, the fandango and more) before demonstrating them, performed the iconic dance from the Netherland ball in the movie of Pride & Prejudice (surprising how instantly recognizable this was), discussed fashion for both men & women, and also allowed audience members to join in the fun. Many of the dancers were also musicians (violin, bass, guitar, harp) so there was live music throughout, which really contributed to the atmosphere. They taught us steps which were simple to them and most of us got the hang of (some of us were even able to keep up clever conversation, but I had to concentrate). There was lots of turning, and twirling, and dancing – it turns out – is really good exercise!

Jane Austen month continues @Westerville Public Library!

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