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Dangerous by Shannon Hale

Happy Book Birthday to Dangerous!

Get ready to have your world rocked by Maisie Brown.

Maisie Danger Brown that is.

Yes, danger IS her middle name.

La Peligrosa, as fellow astronaut camp trainee Jonathon Wilder (as in Jonathon Ingalls Wilder) calls her. Born without a right hand, a female home-schooled Latina character (her mother is from South America) with a disability … yes, this is an unusual heroine right from the start.

And then there is the scientist named Dragon, a French African-American named Jacques who yells “cry havoc!” to encourage himself and his team on, an Asian-American from Alaska named Mi-Sun – diversity all over the place and distinctive, individual characters.

This is contemporary science fiction, not dystopia or fantasy –  very different from Shannon Hale’s other work. Yet when she writes romance it is compelling and familiar and real (oh, that first kiss! or first seven, or eight!). And there is more than a touch of romance here.

Fans of A Wrinkle in Time and Meg Murray will find a new smart resourceful heroine in Maisie Brown.

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