Homelessness/helplessness in Hold Fast

No one official seemed to be too concerned. It was almost, Early thought, as if you weren’t 100 percent human when you came into the police station on the wrong side of the front desk. If you were upset, it was unreasonable. If you had a question, it could wait. Just the fact that you were there seemed like a strike against you. Right then Early made herself a promise: She wouldn’t be helpless, not ever, not if she could see a way out. She wouldn’t allow that to happen. She could see that being helpless in a situation like this was dangerously close to becoming just plain less.

Some of the police were polite but no one was sympathetic. She knew the officers were saving lives, doing hard and scary work, and sometimes even dying themselves. She knew people who broke the law deserved to be locked up. But she still felt it was true: Being helpless could lead to even less help.

Hold Fast by Blue Balliet (Scholastic, 2013) p. 73.

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