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Lankes & the potential of libraries

I believe that great librarianship, the kind you should expect, crosses boundaries. Great librarianship is great whether it is in academia, or the public sphere, or K–12 schools. For that reason, this book is not about expecting more from public libraries or from school libraries, but from all libraries. School libraries have a lot to teach all good libraries about issues of assessment and learning. Public libraries have a lot to share about working with a wide range of demographics. Academic libraries understand the power of knowledge creation. Corporate libraries, and the ever-present bottom line, can teach us all about measuring impact…My goal in this book is to show you the potential of libraries. That potential will never be realized if libraries or their communities build up rigid boundaries.

From the intro of the complete text of R. David Lankes’s Expect More: Demanding Better Libraries for Today’s Complex Worldnow up on Medium. I have a printed copy of this book that is heavily highlighted, so obviously, I recommend it. (Tho you will undoubtedly, no matter who you are, disagree with some of it.) Now that it’s so easy to access, maybe we should start a tumblarian book group? (via bookavore)

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