“It was painted in the colors of 138 Squadron RAF, which was based at the Royal Air Force’s Tempsford Airfield. There Lysanders flew missions to supply resistance forces and transport agents to and from occupied Europe.”

Living a literary life means that when you are visiting the Air & Space Museum with your family and you see this plane, and read the description, you look at it and see Verity flying, with Maddie in the back. You see it in black and white, over a map of France, and remember all that is to come … you point and excitedly say, “it’s Verity’s plane! it’s Verity’s plane!” while others just walk around not paying much attention to it. But your husband, who you made read the book, knows what it means. And your kids want to read it now, even if they are too young.

Verity’s plane.

my love affair with this book continues!

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