Things that make your day

A boy comes in asking for Wimpy Kid books. We actually have 2 on the shelf, but turns out he only wants the newest one (we own 20 copies; there are currently 30 holds). I try to interest him in graphic novels, Big Nate, Lunch Lady, and he’s not really interested. As he starts to walk out, he says, do you have any books on Nelson Mandela?

[I’ve just been to the section to pull one for a booktalk next week, and I know, for a fact we do.]

I’m jumping up and down inside, but try to stay cool and casually say, yes, they’re over here with the biographies. He picked out 3 to check out!

This totally made my night.

Now for the hard part (or not??) … can I get kids interested in Mandela (and corresponding amazing and fascinating topics) every night??

I hope so. I hope I will remember this and remember to ask what they are interested in. What’s on their minds. 

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