Halloween retrospective post! 

Here are the thematic posts from October in case you missed any, just click through for the whole post with more images and gifs:

Der Struwwelpeter (Shockheaded Peter), 1845. 

De la démonomanie des sorciers.  Paris, du Pays, 1581.

Japanese Fairy Tales by Lafcadio Hearn was produced in 1900. 

Gypsy Sorcery by C.G. Leland 1891. 

Magic: Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions, 1911.

A System of Magick; or, A History of the Black Art, 1728.

Authentic Recipes from the Homeland of Count Dracula, 1978.

The Astrologer of the Nineteenth Century, 1825.

Cute early 20th century Halloween card.

The Discovery of Witchcraft is the short title for Reginald Scot’s 1584 work on magical things.

Do you have a favorite?

Here you go, all the Special Collections you could ask for in one giant post!

the Struwwelpeter gif is AWESOME!

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