A librarian . . . or a writer.

Brought home a stack of books from the library today, and my 11 year old immediately picked up Darkbeast Rebellion, the sequel to Morgan Keyes Darkbeast, saying, “thanks for bring me this mom!”

“Actually, it was for me.” I say.

Knowing how fast a reader he is, I said, “but you can have it first.”

“And what’s this?” he says, picking up the book underneath.

“That’s the latest in the Floors series, by Patrick Carman [The Field of Wacky Adventures, for those of you who must know]. That one was for you – you liked that series, right?”

“Oooh, yes!”

“So maybe you’d like to be a librarian when you grow up, huh? Or am I just going to keep bringing you books to read?”

“Yeah, a librarian would be good … or a writer.”

“You could be a librarian AND a writer.”

“Really? that sounds good.”


so it’s a plan, right?

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