“I do my best to consciously work against gender stereotypes in my writing, for the sake of both girls and boys who read my books. And honestly, the main way I do this is to craft multi-layered characters. I want all my female characters to be strong—but not just generic “strong”—I want them to show their strengths in different ways (whether that means dueling a formidable foe, puzzling out a mystery, remaining calm under dire circumstances, or simply doing what needs to be done even when its something you really, really don’t want to do). And I don’t want them to be just strong. They need to have flaws as well—which is why my heroines can, at times, overconfidently rush into dangerous situations, goofily misinterpret something, or simply flip out. Any character who can be defined by a single trait—positive or negative—is being done a disservice. All of this is, by the way, exactly how I approach male characters as well.”

Interview with Christopher Healy

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