Rather Be at Hogwarts shirt
99 Problems shirt

How is this the first time I’ve ever done Harry Potter stuff?! I remember in grade school when we were reading the Sorcerer’s Stone in English class, there was one kid whose parents were crazy religious and they wouldn’t let him read it with us. That poor sap missed out on a potentially defining moment of their childhood. Now I’m feeling all nostalgic for road trips with the family, listening to Jim Dale’s lovely voice. Oh god, remember his Professor McGonagall?!

p.s. So I recently started playing D & D with some friends and at the beginning I was absolutely useless and everyone nicknamed me Daphne and it was horrible. It’s tough being a magic user starting out (super low health and strength, shit spells), BUT! I survived (despite some close calls) through the first campaign, leveled up, and I’ve now been nicknamed Hermione and I’ve never been prouder. I literally solved like 4 problems last game with my wits and knowledge. It  was amazing. I love roleplaying. 

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