In the second and final phase of “Marrying Mr. Darcy: the Game" all of the Heroines see which Suitors propose to them by rolling the dice. I had to decide how many points each Suitor was worth to each Heroine. I tried to do this based on how happy I thought these characters would actually be if they got together in the book. (There was actually some math and spreadsheets involved as well, but maybe that is for another blog.) Characters can get married for a total somewhere between +15 points (total bliss) to +5 (pretty miserable but hey, you are married). So for Georgiana:

#1. Col. Fitzwilliam: 13 points – Yeah, they’re cousins but that was pretty common back in the day. I imagine Georgiana growing up admiring the Colonel, and she’s rich, so he digs that.

#2. Mr. Wickham: 11 points – Well, as dastardly as he is, he loves her money, and she’s pretty naive. Probably would have worked well in the short term anyway. 

#3. Mr. Bingley: 11 points – Mr. Darcy’s trying to get these two together, or Caroline’s hoping that is the plan anyway. I think they would have been fairly happy together since they are both so agreeable. 

#4. Mr. Denny: 8 points – Mr. Denny is one of the officers in Meryton. The book doesn’t say too much about him, so I just had to make some things up in my head here. I think the unhappiness basically comes from Mr. Darcy most likely opposing the match. Also Denny seems a bit too gregarious for Georgiana. 

#5. Mr. Collins – 6 points: Yeah, Mr. Collins sucks. This combo would be a disaster and it would likely never happen. 

Georgiana can’t marry her brother, so that gives her one less suitor possibility from the other players. Her high dowry does help with other suitors however. 

Illustration by Erik Evensen. (Georgiana’s appearance inspired by Allison Paige.)

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