This quidditch club in Africa has started with the intrepid work of a youth club director, John Ssentamu. He’s been watching tons of quidditch videos on youtube and asking us a lot of questions by email about how to play the game and get a club started. Our international director Karen has been in touch with him, and apparently he is naming their club the Karen Quidditch Club, which is the most touching thing I’ve ever heard in the history of quidditch. 

The team can be seen here holding their brooms, which they made by hand with local materials, and also working hard to clear the quidditch field and make the grass even. 

Here is an excerpt of what John wrote to us by email: 

 We are very excited about the new sport development that has started to be shared by the youth and school children…. I mainly write to express our interest to request for the permission to start Quidditch sport here in Uganda and am sure that it will start the chapter of spreading to other parts to the country and then to African countries. The passion and style moves people greatly and once this game is introduced in Uganda, we shall have created an avenue for some sports lovers who are not part of other common sports. Personally I am ready to volunteer my time to mobilize potential youth to be part of this sport in Uganda…. I have met several youth with this idea and they are very positive about the new sport and they feel the need to start practicing as soon as possible.”

First quidditch team in Africa. Soon the Quidditch World Cup will be just as huge and international as it is in the books.

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