Last week’s Toddler Exploration. The theme was “How Does Your Garden Grow?” The stations included: The Big Dig Up (wooden fruits and veg planted in a pot of black beans…I provided shovels for digging up and an empty watering can for maintaining the crops). This one was mostly fun for them to take handfuls of beans out of the bin and throw them onto the floor! Counting Crops (10 baby food jars, a pot of dry black beans, and a toy tractor…the idea was to use the tractor to move the grains into each bin with the correct number of grains in its corresponding bin). Again, mostly just a lot of bean throwing. The tractor was a hit! Mother & Child Reunion (a set of cards with pictures of adult animals and corresponding baby animals on them for matching). Plant a Letter (large letters with a pot of dry kidney beans…the idea was to outline the shape of the letter using the beans). Seed Sort (egg cartons with a different seed/bean in each little bin and a large pot of a mixture of beans…here, they were supposed to sort each kind of bean/seed into its correct bin).

This was, without a doubt, my messiest Toddler Ex. so far! Those beans were EVERYWHERE. However, we had a great turnout and it was so much fun!

Great program for this year’s Summer Reading theme!

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