Code Name Verity is the first book I read this year and has set an unreasonable high standard. It tells the story of two friends working as spies and pilots during WWII. The characters exemplify tenacity, fear and unmistakable courage. Despite its straightforward appearance, Verity surprises until the very end of the book. The characters are hilarious and painfully brilliant and so vivid I honest-to-god thought they were real people, and I can’t stop raving about this book or wincing at the hole it left in my chest. It’s heart-wrenchingly good and everyone who appreciates characters and familial love should read it because it is just so unbearably good. 

This. Currently about to start Disc 7 of this amazing amazing book…I love the voice talent they chose for this audio book, they are incredible. Go get this book. I just can’t even deal until I get to hear more.


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