Going to the Mattresses

Last week a friend used this phrase  – we’d just gotten an unexpected additional assignment, and she said it was time to “go to the mattresses.” Others knew this phrase from where it hails (The Godfather)  … while I said, yeah, I know that from You’ve Got Mail. Another co-worker laughed and said “me too” – kindred spirit there. I can’t embed the scene, but you can watch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wB8xPnhpzAM&list=FLnz5El48ym0DxUaIL4NaajA&index=3

So I started thinking about this movie, and how many parts of it I like. I wasn’t crazy about all of it (how can I like the big chain store winning out over The Shop Around the Corner?) but that’s fairly realistic. And there are so many great book moments in the movie … Ballet Shoes, Pride and Prejudice (multiple references – also available on YouTube.)

I’d also had a roller coaster type of week, and this scene – “it’s personal” really hit home.

So now it’s time to go to the mattresses … 🙂

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