In December

Cover of In November

Cover of In November

Cynthia Rylant’s In November is one of my favorite books. A couple of years ago Daniel’s wonderful second grade teacher had the students make a book modelled on it, called In December. Here is Daniel’s.

Cover of In December

In December there are frosty icicles like cold glue. When you lick them they’ll stick to your tongue.

It’s hunting season in December and you can hear Boom!! of guns.

In December there are twidderring juncos and scurrying squirrels. There are masked cardnals and nuthatches.

In December people light dancing candles in their windows and on their Advent wreaths.

In December delightful children and parents open boxes of ornaments and gleefuly hang them on their tree.

There are candy canes that delighted children get in December.

In December you smell the majestic aroma of gingerbread baking in the oven.

In December children and parents look in their

stockings and open wonderful presents around the Christmas tree from family and old Saint Nickalos.

There’s a crackling fire with flipping flames in the fireplace in December.

*At the end it says “I have been learning about word choice and the importance of using powerful, new and interesting vocabulary words as I write. Here are some examples of specific choices I made:” and he lists

twiddering     gleefuly       majestic

scurying      aroma     crackling

delightful           wonderful

indecdedicationI also love the dedication page, which reads “In December is dedicated to Mrs. Gawell for helping me make In December, my family, and espidially [especially] Dylan.

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